Big Ask Question of the Day
Big Ask Question of the Day

Episode 1 · 1 year ago

What cause bigger than myself or my business am I passionate about?


Today's question is...
What cause bigger than myself or my business am I passionate about?

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It's time for you. Can't just stops big ask question of the day. Welcome to you. Can't just stop the place for quietly stubborn entrepreneurs with big goals and dreams. After encountering hundreds of I achieving athletes, entrepreneurs and world changers, I've discovered that many times their impact comes from the questions they ask as much as the actions they take. That's why I invite you to answer a question each and every day to reach your goals. What cause, bigger than myself or my business, am I passionate about? Well, this is always been one of those questions it's really been hard for me to answer, and I'm not quite sure how to go about answering this. To give you some examples, because you know, frankly, not my strongest suit to recognize things outside my realm of business, because, frankly, you know, business is kind of what I'm passionate about. In you know, creating things business wise is what I'm passionate about. But if I had to list some things,...

I'd probably say, you know, music, helping people, creating nature. These are the sum of the things I'm passionate about outside of myself and my business. But some of these bigger causes, causes like the environment. That's something that I didn't used to be passionate about, but my wife is kind of brought me around to that way of thinking now. So I'm more passionate about the environment. I'm passionate, of course, like I said, about the music and and having music in the world and the power of music. So these are some of the bigger causes and the the purpose of this question is then kind of to tie this back to my business and to make me a better rounded person, right, so I'm not just always focused head down on business. What else can I do outside of my business and just my immediate kind of personal life that I'm passionate about that might drive me to... someone or to create something bigger than myself? So hopefully this gives you some ideas. I'd love to hear what you came up with for this question, because it's always a tough one for me. That's all for today's question. For more great questions to help you achieve your goals, download my fifty favorite questions by following the link in the description. To you tomorrow.

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