Big Ask Question of the Day
Big Ask Question of the Day

Episode 138 · 1 year ago

You can't just rub a lamp for business


Today's question is...

How can I learn to delay pleasure?

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It's time for you. Can't just stops big ask question of the day. Welcome to you can't just stop the place for quietly stubborn entrepreneurs with big goals and dreams. After encountering hundreds of high achieving athletes, entrepreneurs and world changers, I've discovered that many times their impact comes from the questions they ask as much as the actions they take. That's why I invite you to answer a question each and every day to reach your goals. And now for today's question. How can I learn to delay pleasure? In my lifetime the scale for instant gratification has changed dramatically. You know, when I was a kid there was no such thing as instant gratification, and now today everything is instant gratification. You know, I could bore you with all the examples, but you know the obvious ones. We can just ask Surrey whatever the Hell we want... ask Surrey and Surrey has the answer. We don't have to wait five seconds, we don't have to go to the library, we don't have to get out the encyclopedia. We just asked Surrey and we've become so used to this that we I know, I don't look at longer term goal goals. It gets harder to look at longer term goals and to grind it out and to get to the end because I'm just so used to everything happening like this right. I'm just so used to, hey, you want a mortgage, go online and get one. Hey, you need to buy a car, look at that, we'll let will deliver it to your front door, all these things that just happen instantly in life. Now, when business doesn't work that way, like our business goals don't work like Hey, ask Surrey and she will magically deliver it. You know, rub the freaking lamp and here's, here's your big business dream. Doesn't work that way. And so we get used to this. And so today, what if we thought about how... delay pleasure? How do we? How do we? How do we readjust our mindset to push off our to not push off our goals, but to realize that our goals don't get here overnight. How do we get comfortable, maybe that's a good word. How do we get comfortable with delaying pleasure? If you're looking for some more questions to add your morning routine, head on over to you can't just stopcom questions. You can't just stopcom questions where. I have fifty of my favorite questions that you could add into your morning routine to get a little bit more out of the morning. Put a little kick in the morning and get you thinking right out of the gate. See You tomorrow.

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